Goodbye Arya, Goodbye Jack.

Loss doesn't mean lose yourself. Too often in life we have to say goodbye to someone or something. There are many reasons for these goodbyes, some more happy, sadder or deeper than others. I’d like for us, me the writer and you the reader, to take a moment and breathe. Breathing in so deep and … Continue reading Goodbye Arya, Goodbye Jack.

Temporary Beauty

I planted a seed.⁣Watered it with my rain and my love.⁣A timed beauty.⁣Plucked by ones who cannot understand they could not handle...⁣Taken from the deepest root ⁣Pained.⁣ Thorns so strong and sharp. Tossed on unknown ground.Still reaching up ⁣Touching the sky with what remainsBlown by the wind of experience ⁣back down.⁣Growing.⁣Landing in minds and souls … Continue reading Temporary Beauty