Change Your Shoes

Been there blindly for many that wouldn’t think twice to keep running if I tripped instead of lending a hand to help me stand up, we could’ve ran together. Whoever is with you in moments of hardship and doesn’t just leave you, deserves the “ permanent spot + your loyalty “ combo. You never stop … Continue reading Change Your Shoes


TÚ ERES MÁS QUE SUFICIENTE.TÚ ERES MÁS QUE BONITA. Para que seas bonita No hace falta que te lo digan. No hace falta que te lo escriban ni que to enseñen. Basta con que te ames, te aceptes, mires a tu reflejo sin compararte con nadie y decir: “Yo soy porque soy. Bella como sea. … Continue reading BONITA

Relationship Tip #1

To commit or not to commit? Let’s talk about COMMITMENT. For those of you that do not know what commitment means, it means the following: Com·mit·mentkəˈmitmənt/noun1. The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.2. An engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action. When one chooses to commit to someone, there is … Continue reading Relationship Tip #1


Waves, waves, oh pretty waves. ⁣The way you sound. ⁣The way you roar...⁣Causing goosebumps on my skin at first touch. ⁣Stripping me of my yesterday...⁣Cleansing me. ⁣Readying me for another tomorrow. ⁣Deeper and deeper, you pull me.⁣Sinking in your quicksand.⁣Covered with you.⁣Trapped in an infinite hourglass. ⁣Losing track of time.⁣⁣How do you know?⁣How do you … Continue reading Wavy