The Box

Oneself. Life. Love. Marriage.

There are many things that we place in an imaginary box in our minds. We often go about life expecting things to just happen, to be returned to us or to already be put together and ready for when you get to it. If this is you, STOP!

Stop and breathe. Take a moment to actually understand yourself, life and all that you believe is in your imaginary box and try to understand the following:

Nothing in life is a full, pre-prepped box for any of us. Life is what we, as individuals, add or take out of it. It is what we make of it that fills us. Most people believe that what you give is to be returned in that same and exact way. Wrong!

We are all IN-DI-VI-DU-ALS and we do things differently, to our liking and when we decide to. If we are lucky, we find our match in this lifetime and marry. Then we have those who get married believing what fairytales and old wive tales say. They believe that marriage is a beautiful full box, full of all of the things that we dream, desire and have longed for:

Companionship, friendship, love, unity, trust, loyalty, communication, honesty, intimacy, laughter, etc. The truth is that although all of these things are great or lovely they are not part of the box you have opened or entered. The truth is that this “box” is completely, I mean one hundred percent, empty. You must put something in before you can ever receive or take anything out.

There is no standard package to choose from. No preset bundle when it comes to life, love, marriage and etc. There is no love in marriage. Love is in people, in ourselves. In oneself. Sex may be great but what is it if it is empty? Just meaningless, passionless, forgettable and usually regrettable sex. People put love and effort into what they care most about. You must infuse what your heart wants into your life, relationships, careers. We must learn the art of giving, loving, accepting, serving, and form a habit of doing so in order to maintain the box full.

We are the masters of our boxes. If you take out more than you put in, the box will be empty. If you water a plant too much it will not survive, it will drown. Knowledge, patience and balance is key.